2016 Rotary Carnival Starts June 29 – Ends with Fireworks July 2

588x250_2016_CarnivalOur Springfield Township Rotary Club celebrates its 10th Anniversary Carnival – 2016
Wednesday, June 29th thru Saturday, July 2nd
Food, Fun, Rides, Raffles
Carnival Hours:
Wednesday 6/29 – 6-10 PM
Thursday 6/30 – 6-10 PM $20 Wrist Band Night
Friday 7/1 – 6-10 PM
Saturday 7/2 (NEW Afternoon Hours and $10 Wrist Band Special 3-6 PM) – Carnival runs 3-10 PM with Fireworks to cap off the night!
THERE IS NO RAINDATE FOR THE FIREWORKS (Due to the proximity to 4th of July and a busy schedule for the fireworks vendor)
On the Grounds of Springfield Township High School (309 and Papermill Road)
Fireworks Saturday July 2nd – begin once it gets dark…
Our Rotary Club is celebrating Over 59 Years of Community Service
Stay tuned here for more information, if you’re interesting in sponsoring a portion of the carnival use our Contact Us Link


  1. Brittany says:

    What does the wrist band offer? What are the afternoon hours for Saturday? Thanks.

  2. Tim Ernst says:

    As stated above we are excited to offer new afternoon hours starting a 3PM on Saturday and the wrist band purchase gets you on all the rides without the need for separate tickets for each ride. We hope you’ll come out and support our carnival and all the projects it supports through Rotary! See you there!

  3. Isabelle says:

    What kind of rides are offered and if you go on Thursday do you have to do the wristband option?

  4. Tim Ernst says:

    We have a variety of carnival rides, from the ferris wheel, spinning rides to rides for youngsters, we have them all. Check with the ticket booth at the Carnival, but you don’t need to purchase the wristband, but it usually saves you money than buying each ride individually. Thanks for your support, see you at the Carnival!

  5. John Gaus says:

    Hi Tim. My family and I just moved to the area and are looking forward to visiting the carnival. We were just wondering if there is parking available at the school or is it street parking?

  6. Tim Ernst says:

    You can park at the high school and the neighboring middle and elementary school lots. Welcome to Springfield and enjoy the Carnival!

  7. Linda B. says:

    Coming to the fireworks but need to know if I should bring chairs and blankets to sit on.

  8. Tim Ernst says:

    Whatever you’re more comfortable with. Come early, enjoy the carnival, and pick a good spot! Enjoy the carnival and free fireworks, thanks for supporting Rotary and its local and international projects.

  9. How much are the wrist bands on Friday nights? The only prices listed are for tonight and Saturday afternoon.

  10. Hi just want to know if I bring my young kids does the parents have to pay I don’t plan on going on any rids. Thanks e ileen

  11. Anthony Villalobos says:

    I would like to know how much it is to get in

  12. Tim Ernst says:

    Wristband offers are only for the nights listed.

  13. Tim Ernst says:

    There’s no admission fee, just the cost of ride tickets and any food or other games you participate in at the carnival. Enjoy!

  14. Tim Ernst says:

    There’s no admission fee, just the cost of tickets (or wristbands) and any games and food you partake in at the Carnival! Enjoy!

  15. megan friedmann says:

    With the wrist band tonight can we only ride between 3-6pm or is the wrist band good all night as long as it is purchased prior to 6?

  16. Would like to attend – where do you park?

  17. Rod Smith says:

    First and last time we go. I spent $10 for my 3yo. Mind you there aren’t as many rides let alone the ones can could get on. I find out from some volunteers that I can get on to accompany her and that I wouldn’t need a ticket. Come to find out I wasn’t allowed on the carousel ride without a ticket. Rip off…

  18. theresa says:

    where is the best place to sit for fireworks

  19. Tim Ernst says:

    I’m not sure Megan, please check with one of the volunteers at the ticket booth. Thanks for your support.

  20. Tim Ernst says:

    Parking can be had at the high school, middle school, and elementary school. Follow the volunteers and they will point you in the right direction. Thanks for supporting the carnival.

  21. Tim Ernst says:

    Rod, we’re sorry you got a confusing message from the ride operator and our volunteers. I passed your comment onto the Carnival committee so someone can get in touch with you. We appreciate your support and hope we can resolve the issue so you can join us again next year.

  22. Tim Ernst says:

    The field across the driveway from the carnival is probably the best spot. Come to the carnival, enjoy some rides and food and grab a seat for the fireworks, sure to please! Thanks for your support.

  23. Rod Smith says:

    Our first and last time. I paid $10 for my daughter’s wristband. I asked the booth if I needed a ticket to accompanied her on rides. They told me no. So we get to the carousel and I’m told I can’t stand with my daughter and that I needed a ticket. I wasn’t he only parent who had this dilemma. Not happy with having to spend so much money for the little amount of rides.

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