The Rotary Super 3000 Evening Event

Join Us For a Fun Night of Buffet Food, Music and Good Times!

Super 3000 is a major fundraiser event for Springfield Rotary. Currently we are raising funds for the new Piszek Picnic Pavilion, which will be located in Cisco Park.

What is the Super 3000 Raffle?

The Super 3000 raffle is a fun way to maybe be the big winner of $3,000!

We are issuing only 100 numbered tickets for the raffle. As the night progresses, numbers will be pulled – and some will win smaller prizes.

At the end of the night, one lucky winner will take home the top cash prize!

The Super 3000 Ticket

Be one of the 100 ticket holders in the running to win $3,000!

Only 100 Super 3000 tickets will be sold. Throughout the night numbers will be pulled from the 100 tickets issued – and some smaller prizes will be awarded!

At the end of the night, one lucky winner will walk away with the whole $3,000 pot!

Companion Tickets

We know that everyone will not be able to participate in the Super 3000 drawing. Companion tickets give the opportunity to attend the event, though not participate in the Super 3000 drawing.

As an organization, we continue to support the Springfield Township community with events, projects, grants and volunteering with a goal of bettering the place where we all live and work.




Unable to join us? Please consider a donation to the Piszek Picnic Pavilion Project by clicking the button below.


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We are eagerly seeking new members. If you are community minded, live or work near Springfield Township, and have a soft spot for fellowship, charity and enlightenment, why not contact us and ask about joining. We are happy to have you drop in on a few meetings (Tuesdays at Noonish at Phil’s Tavern) to find out more about what we do. There are no secret handshakes – we don’t need them. The secret is to give more than you receive. The secret is to participate. Rotary is an international network of influential, successful people. In this age of networking, what better place to call home than your local Rotary Club? Click below to request more information.

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