Springfield Township Rotarians welcomed Kristian Graves the Director of Capital Support for Temple Athletics. Mr. Graves touched on Temples revolution in the last 20 years, the expansion of its Fox School of Business, new Science and Technology Building, and the transition of the Tyler School of Arts to the main campus. Temple is unusual in that a majority of its student population live nearby to campus. While Temple has a 95 acre campus it pales to the next closest college in its league in Connecticut with 3,100 acres. This ties into Temples decision to cut 7 athletic teams from Temples athletic programs, the school felt they did not have the space or facilities to properly accommodate the sports. For example, the baseball team would have to travel hours to Temples Ambler campus, hold practice and then commute back. The main campus simple did not have the room to support a baseball field. The decision was not taken lightly and all students on athletic scholarships for the cut programs will have their scholarships honored.

Pictured Left to Right: Program Chair Bill Totten, Speaker Kristian Graves, and President George Schaefer.