Mr. Konstant is on the left and Springfield Rotary’s President, Steven Schagrin, is pictured on the right.
Visit from William R. Konstant
In Springfield Rotarys ongoing pursuit to support and understand the communities in and around Springfield Township, they invited the CEO/Exec Dir of Elmwood Park Zoo, William R. Konstant, to speak at their weekly luncheon. Mr. Konstant highlighted the fact that Elmwood Park Zoo opened its doors in 1924 and therefore would be celebrating its 85th Anniversary this year. To encourage attendance, Mr. Konstant will be visiting 85 different small businesses in the area during the month of April and providing each business with 85 passes to provide to the public. The Elmwood Park Zoo will also offer a variety of discounts focusing on certain professions; firefighters, healthcare, police etc.
Mr. Konstant went on to describe the animals housed at the zoo. He spoke specifically about 6 species that were once listed on the endangered species lists: bison, bald eagles, peregrine falcon, timber wolf, American alligator and black footed ferrets. What is most unique about this list of animals is that the Elmwood Park Zoo is the only zoo in the nation where all six species can be seen together. This past season, the Zoo was also the home for two guest bald eagles that stopped by for about a month each before moving on.