Rev. Jack Norrie, President Rotary Club of Springfield Township; Joe Klenk, Ambler YMCA Sr. Membership Director; and Zeffi Angelikas, Ambler YMCA Director of Operations.

Representatives of the new Ambler YMCA located at 1325 McKean Road, Ambler were the weekly speakers at the Springfield Township Rotary Club. Joe Klenk, Senior Membership Director stated that the membership has almost doubled (from 9,000 to 18,000 members approximately) since they completed and opened the new building on McKean Road. Joe and Zeffi shared photos of the most amazing and beautiful, well-designed YMCA. There are three pool areas:  lap pool, general use pool with water slides and kids pool. For more information about the Ambler YMCA contact Joe Klenk at 215-628-9950 X1526 or check out their website at