Michael Ivankovich, GPPA, MPPA appraises a personal item as Rotarian Jim Mohr looks on.

Michael Ivankovich, Personal Property Appraiser was the speaker at a recent luncheon for the Rotary Club of Springfield. Michael is a Buckingham, Bucks County resident and long time auctioneer as well as a licensed appraiser. Ivankovich launched Home Downsizing Consultants on January 1, 2011 to help people understand the value of their personal belongings and guide them through the process of downsizing their home. He has also authored a book titled, “Home Downsizing in 4 Easy Steps”.

Mr. Ivankovich explained personal belongings as those things that fall out if you turned your house upside down and shook it! Michael is a member of the Bucks-Mont Speakers Bureau and is always looking to speak to different organizations. For more information call 215-345-6094. To learn more about Rotary, contact Joy Zwicker at 215-880-1322.

Roseann Nyiri, President Elect Rotary Club of Springfield and Michael Ivankovich, Personal Property Appraiser